off grid - inverters 1K
Intelligent , modularized, simple structure design with powerful function.
Frequency toroidal transformer ensures that inverter has high efficiency and low no-load loss.
Perfect protection and alarming function, thus the system has a high stability.
LCD display function, visually display battery voltage and other status parameters.
Pure sine wave output, compared with square wave or modified wave, has higher efficiency and higher capability of driving load.
European CE certification.
Optional By-pass function: It will switch to the city grid automatically when the battery is under voltage, which ensures the continuity and stability of system.
Wind power station, photovoltaic power station
Domestic household wind power system and photovoltaic power system
Coastal islands, remote mountainous, border posts for regions shortage of or without electricity
Government demonstration projects, landscape lighting project, street light project etc.
GSM base stations, expressway and other non-residential regions
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